Q: In your advert you say it is a 7 year plus growing on investment.Why 7 years?

A: If you start with the minimum purchase we feel that to reach a reasonable dollar value in expansion of bulbs takes 7 years. Buy a larger quantity and the compounding effect can mean a much shorter timespan of (say) 4 years to reach a good expansion in bulb quantities which then can be realised in dollar terms.

Q: Are there any other costs involved in growing this bulb?

A: Apart from the general maintenance and feeding of the crop there are costs occured at breakup times every 3-4 years.

Q: If the bulbs multiply so well, will there not be saturation in New Zealand very quickly?

A: We feel that saturation point is still 15 years away. Then there are the worldwide bulb markets which are unsatisfied to export the bulbs into.

Q: How much time is involved if I grow them myself?

A: If you have 100 bags of bulbs it would take no more than 10 minutes per day, depending on the season, to water and feed. More bags equals more time.

Q:Why grow them at Aylesbury Gardens rather than do it myself? What are the advantages?

A: We are experienced bulb growers using our adapted growing facilities and labour for your benefit.

Q: Is there any particular time of the year that is best to purchase these bulbs?

A: Not really. They are already planted in their growing bags and can be easily transported at anytime. 100 PB3 Bags sits in 1 metre square

Q: Where are the possible markets?

A: For the bulbs - it is most likely to be in New Zealand for several years to come to lifestyle block holders, landscapers, commercial flowers growers and garden centres, farmers markets, gardening clubs, mail order, then there is the World export bulb market

For Flowers - Local flower auctions, wholesalers, florists and of course the general public

Q: What is the commercial risk?

A: Your potential revenue and therefore return is subject to the onselling of your bulbs. Should there be no buyers, you won't make a return. This is why we encourage all bulb owners to actively market their own bulbs in conjunction with our efforts.

Q: Do you buy back bulbs?

A: No.

Q: Is it possible to visit you at Aylesbury Gardens?

A: YES, you need to make an appointment by phoning us 07 871 3231 and we will be more than happy to give you a conducted tour of our Growing On Operation and answer your questions.