Many buyers prefer not to have to provide land, crop covers, chemicals and the time to look after the bulbs and decide to rent space in our greenhouses and use our knowledge and expertise to grow their bulbs for them.

Aylesbury gardens is able to provide, for a small monthly charge, ongoing housing and protection for the bulbs.

We try to eliminate in this manner as much commercial risk to you as possible.

We provide as follows:

Crop replacement if your crop is damaged at Aylesbury Gardens

Growth in bulbs and bulblets in the two growing on periods (quantities cannot be determined without a break-up at the end of each cycle).

Other costs not foreseen but payable to continue the growing on process

Meetings of Owners periodically.

Rental costs per number of bags of Vallota Bulbs are :

100 bags - charge of $50.00 plus GST per month.

200 bags - charge of $70.00 plus GST per month

400 bags - charge of $100.00 plus GST per month

500 bags - charge of $200.00 plus GST per month

700 - upwards - amount advised on enquiry.

For example, if you purchase your bags of Vallota Lily bulbs and leave them at Aylesbury Gardens, this an effective, cost efficient way of growing your bulbs .

You may visit our property to see your bulbs on a regular basis.

You make a purchase- use our growing knowledge cheaply- and welcome to our growing circle!

This is an opportunity to potentially increase your crop over two growing on periods if break-up is carried out per growth cycle. Breakup costs are subject to change and you would be advised in writing of the specific costs at time of your breakup

*Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Aylesbury Gardens based on future changing costs of materials, labour, inflation, and unforeseen circumstances.