A genus of the Family Amaryllidaceae, mostly native to South Africa.

Bulbs increase naturally, during two "growing on" periods each based on three to four year cycles and planted in PB3 bags.
Bulbs can remain in their 'growing on bags' as long as possible without disruption as they thrive in a clumping situation. However it is advisable after the end of each three to four year growth cycle to carry out a break-up to maximise bulb production and to renew planting material which maintains optimum health of bulbs.

They can also be grown in raised beds in well drained medium.

We grow Vallota lily in PB3 bags to control many aspects of the growing conditions they require in the commercial situation.

Vallota Lily, for efficient growth, in the commercial opportunity we are offering, needs to be protected from the extremes of the elements of rain, cold wind, intense summer sun.

However they are suitable for the home gardener and look wonderful flowering in clumped pots.

The Advantages of Vallota lily are:

Production and profit high per square metre of growing area compared with other crops.

Stock appreciation is by the natural compounding increase of bulbs over two 3-4 year crop rotation cycles.

Easy low maintenance crop requiring little effort.

Currently in NZ, Vallota is grown in significant quantities by only a very small number of growers producing small volumes of flowers or pot plants for local markets


Minimum Purchase of 100 PB3 growing Bags potentially expands to:

YEAR 1                                               YEAR 3-4                                                                                   YEAR 7 PLUS

100 bags of Bulbs                           400 bags of Bulbs & Bulblets                                          1600 bags of Bulbs& Bulblets

By buying a larger quanity of bags on day one you can reduce the growing on operation to 3-4 years. The expansion of bags of bulbs occurs during a break-up at the end of each growth cycle.

For Example a potential increase is:

YEAR 1                                        YEAR 3-4

500 bags of Bulbs                           2000 bags of Bulbs & Bulblets